5 Common Commercial and Industrial Roof Problems

There are a number of problems that can occur on a commercial or industrial roof. Many factors such as design, installation, substrate, workmanship, maintenance, and weather conditions can directly affect a roof’s lifespan. In this blog, we highlight five of the most common problems that can arise on both commercial and industrial roofs.

#1 Roof Leaks

Damage from roof leak

Roof leaks are a problem for any type of commercial/industrial roof surface and can occur for any number of reasons. While most roof leaks are easy to spot, some can materialize in other ways such as: mold spots, strong odors, stains/discoloration on walls and ceilings, and of course, puddling water.

It is possible for leaks to be limited to one specific area of your roof, but chances are you have multiple leaks throughout your building. In any case, water entering your building is a big problem and steps should be taken immediately to minimize interior damage. Once the severity of the damage is known, your American WeatherStar approved contractor can recommend an appropriate course of action, and help determine the best, long-term solution to prevent future leaks.

#2 Ponding Water

Ponding water
Damage from ponding water

Ponding water, also known as standing water, occurs when there is poor or no drainage on the roof surface. This formation of water typically develops when drains, gutters, downspouts, and other vulnerable roof components are not regularly cleaned or properly maintained.

Naturally, ponding water can lead to roof leaks, but it can also lead to other, equally serious issues. The accumulation of ponding water adds a lot of extra weight to the roof surface, which can potentially compromise the structural integrity of your building. If not addressed in a timely manner, ponding water can become a very costly problem for a building owner or property manager.

#3 Storm Damage

Storm Damage
Storm Damage

Hail storms and high winds can wreak havoc on any commercial or industrial roof. In some cases, the damage caused by a storm can be easily repaired with minimal expense on behalf of the building owner. In other cases, the damage sustained during a storm can result in total loss.

Even minor storms have the potential to damage commercial roof surfaces allowing for moisture intrusion and separation of the membrane from the underlying substrate. If addressed early, building owners and managers can avoid a costly, more-extensive repair project later on. If you believe your commercial or industrial building has sustained storm damage, contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

#4 Mechanical Damage

Mechanical Damage
Mechanical Damage

Mechanical damage is a broad term used to describe damage associated with equipment present on a roof in conjunction with human error. This type of damage is typically caused by: pedestrian traffic, tools and equipment, HVAC units, communication equipment, improperly discarded hardware, etc.

Just like any other type of damage, mechanical damage can lead to much bigger problems if not addressed promptly. We know that it may not be practical to accompany everyone that goes up on your roof, but a little guidance and education can go a long way in avoiding any mishaps. While you may not have reason to believe that your roof has been subject to mechanical damage, we strongly recommend that building owners get their roofs inspected regularly, and follow a scheduled maintenance program.

#5 Aged Membrane

Aged Membrane
Aged Membrane

Most commercial roofing systems last between 15 and 20 years; that can vary depending on a number of different factors. Regular maintenance and repair can help extend the service life of your roof, but eventually, all roofs need to be fully replaced.

That being said, some roof replacements (tear-offs) are totally unnecessary. Many building owners are not aware that fluid-applied roof restoration systems are a perfectly suitable solution to extend the service life of their roof, not to mention roof restoration cost half as much as a full replacement. If you would like to know if fluid-applied roof restoration is right for your commercial or industrial building, contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

Ready to Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection?

Many of the problems that occur on a commercial or industrial roof are avoidable. Through annual inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance, buildings owners can fully expect to optimize the service life of their roof. Apply today for your free roof inspection.


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