American WeatherStar’s Foam Gard System
Stands the Test of Time

A Brilliant Solution to a Unique Problem

In January 2014, published an article about the unique challenges the team at Pro Set, Inc. encountered while coating an 11,000-square-foot roof at the Grace Plaza shopping center in Bridge City, Texas. “…he figured it would be pretty much the same as any other roof coating project. He was soon to be proven wrong — this was no ordinary roof and it was certainly no ordinary job.” Jennifer Frakes,

This seemingly small job presented a number of problems for Tom Leaverton and the four-man crew at Pro Set, Inc. Not only did the roof leak, inadequate insulation caused condensation to form inside the building at certain times of the day. It soon became clear to Tom and his crew that a single layer of acrylic coating would not fix the entire problem.

Ultimately, Tom and the Technical Services team at American WeatherStar came up with a working solution. By using American WeatherStar’s Foam Gard System; spray polyurethane foam (SPF), Pro Set’s polyuria base coat, and American WeatherStar’s Acrylic 211 topcoat, the Foam Gard system not only stopped the roof from leaking, it also insulated the building and completely eliminated any condensation.

Fast Forward to April 2017 published a follow-up article as part of a special anniversary series that updates the magazine’s most popular stories. In the article, Tom Leaverton was asked if the Grace Plaza shopping center roof has stood the test of time. “…there has been no need for any repairs or updates to the Grace Plaza roof since the coating system was completed. The waterproofing system, which was given a 15-year warranty at that time, has been performing “perfectly,” according to him. Not only did the system solve the internal sweating problem, it also offered the client energy savings.” Stephanie Marie Chizik,

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