Annual Company Strategy Session

We held our annual company strategy session at the end of January.  It is great to get everyone out of the office for one day to go over goals for the upcoming year.  We not only cover  goals and strategies we also cover the objectives and tactics that help us reach our goals for the year.  After each department manager reviewed their plans for the year everyone had an opportunity to offer ideas as to how we can improve the plan.  We all agreed that the roof coatings industry is stronger than it has ever been.  We also feel 2017 will be our best year.  The optimism throughout the industry is very strong.

After our strategy session we moved to a very different setting for an exercise in team building….. We all went bowling!  Everyone had a lot of fun with the competition and of course a little smack talk!

We really believe that a strong team of professionals  is what makes a company exceptional.  Spending some time together away from the office strengthens relationships creating a stronger team.

Our next company outing will be a family night out at our local minor league baseball team’s ballpark in May.  Everyone will bring their spouses, kids, and maybe even grandparents for a fun night at the ballpark.

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