How Can Roof Coatings Save You Money

How can roof coatings save you money?

Tax & Energy Savings Receive up to $.60/sf based on total project (roof and/or walls) when you can show a reduction in energy consumption of 10% or more. The customer will need an energy calculation and a compliance statement for their file. We can assist with providing this documentation. Expense Deduction Year One Roof and […]

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Reducing the Sun’s Impact on Your Roof Is Vital!

Reducing the sun's impact on your roof is vital!

One of the great aspects of fluid-applied roof restoration is the profound impact it can have on a building’s interior climate. Most commercial and industrial roofing membranes are not sufficiently designed to prevent heat absorption which occurs from constant exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays. As a result, heat permeates throughout the roof structure […]

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Tech Talk: Terminator Waterproofing Sealant

Terminator WaterProofing Sealant

In today’s segment, Technical Services Director Eric Long is going to discuss the waterproofing power of Terminator 622 and 624XT. Terminator roof sealant is a 100% solids, moisture-curing sealant that adheres to nearly every substrate we have tested, including fluid-applied coating systems. Our testing even shows optimal adhesion to silicone. In this video, we demonstrate how […]

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Why Are Roof Coatings Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Field Study and Lab Performance Criteria Rohm and Haas Company investigated the use of white acrylic roof coatings to reduce air conditioning demand. Early “birdhouse” experiments clearly demonstrated that white elastomeric acrylic coatings could reduce the internal temperature of un-insulated and poorly ventilated buildings significantly. Moreover, the coatings could prolong the life of a roof by […]

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RCMA Releases White Paper: Cutting Peak Electrical Demand with Reflective Roof Coatings

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA) has recently published a white paper addressing the role and impact of reflective roof coatings in mitigating peak energy demand. Developed in collaboration with Jim Hoff, TEGNOS Research Inc., this paper provides a comparative overview of base use and peak demand of electricity and shares information on how to […]

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Overcoming Cold Weather Challenges For Roof Coatings

Working with roof coatings in winter months can be slightly challenging. Since the chemistry of each roof coating will react a little differently in cold weather, we will address the cold weather concerns for the materials that compose our core systems. Acrylics Acrylic coatings make up our Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Gard+ roof coating systems. Acrylic 211, High-Tensile […]

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The Variances in Roof System Warranties – Part 2

When it comes to warranties at American WeatherStar, our first goal is clarity.  All too often in the commercial roofing industry we see ambiguous wording within warranties.  We know most building owners will only go through a commercial roof purchase a few times in their professional lives.  Most buyers only focus on the number of years […]

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Project Profile – Tinted Coating Restoring Aged Roof

Type of Facility: Healthcare – Hospital Location: Fairhope, AL Contractor: Thomas Roofing Mobile, AL Roofing System: Ure-A-Sil (Urethane/Silicone Combo) Substrate: JM Modbit   Challenge: Installed in the early 90’s, the existing modified bitumen roof of the structure had been  leaking and showing signs of wear. To avoid the high costs associated with total roof replacement, Ray Tanner (Thomas Hospital) asked […]

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Video Demo For Measuring Metal Roof Profiles

When it comes to measuring the square footage of a metal roof, initial observations can be deceiving. Make sure you estimate and order an adequate amount of roof coating material by following this simple technique. Download our metal roof estimating guide here.    Learn about Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Sil, our high-performance metal roof coating systems.

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How to Resolve Major Roof Leaks

  Before restoration, the aging EPDM membrane on the building in this video was starting to leak. Shannon Trigg of Foam Plus in Cummings, GA stepped in to fix the problem. American Weatherstar President Brian O’Donnell walked the roof w/ Trigg to survey the project. Together they decided the Ure-A-Sil system was the obvious solution. The […]

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