Family Day at American WeatherStar

We recently hosted our annual family day at the American WeatherStar headquarters in Mobile, Alabama. Since this event always takes place on the Friday before Halloween, we decided it would only be fitting for everyone to dress up in costume – but not just any old costume. This year, employees and their families would choose their favorite super hero/villain from DC Universe or Marvel.

Everyone enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs along with other tasty side dishes. There was even a bouncy castle for the kids… and some adults. But the most anticipated event was the costume contest. While there were many worthy participants, the crowd selected Katie Lott, Operations Manager at American WeatherStar, as its winner.

In the office, business comes first. But every so often, we like to set aside work and just have some fun. Events like this give us a great opportunity to relax, spend time with family, and learn more about each others lives outside of work.

Check out all the photos from family day below:


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