Custom Color Roof Coatings on Metal

The Challenge

In 2007, representatives of Oklahoma State University Tulsa campus invited several coatings contractors in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area to submit their chosen coating for a test on OSU’s main campus building. The test would determine what custom color roof coatings they would use to restore the roof back to its original condition. The campus and building were beautiful, but the roof was aging and leaking, and simply was not up to OSU standards.

The Solution

An American WeatherStar approved Contractor submitted the Met-A-Gard+ system for consideration. This system uses High Tensile Acrylic 211, our best coating for color retention against UV degradation on a metal roof. We were competing with several other roofing products also tested, and all products were reviewed over a period of several months. After six months, OSU officials chose the Met-A-Gard+ system to restore the metal roof.

The project consisted of power-washing the entire roof with 3,500 psi of pressure, then priming the existing metal with Rust Prime 912 to ensure adhesion and surface rust would not be an issue. To waterproof the metal roof, all seams, fasteners, penetrations and transitions were properly treated with Urethane Brush-Grade 522. The final step was to apply two coats of High Tensile Acrylic 211 custom tinted to the green color that OSU has always used on their roofs at the Tulsa campus.

The Benefits

The roof was restored to prevent future leaking issues and meet the high aesthetic standards required by the university. The final product was an outstanding looking roof that the university, the contractor, and American WeatherStar are all still proud of to this very day.

Project Summary:

Representatives from Oklahoma State University – Tulsa were in search of a restoration solution for their old, leaky metal roof. Not only would the solution need to fix the leaks, it would also have to incorporate a custom color roof coating that would adhere to OSU standards.

Project Specs:
  • Roof Type: Metal
  • Size: 92,400 sq ft
  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • System: Met-A-Gard+

System Products:

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