Fabric System Over Built-Up Roof

Full Fabric System Over Built-Up Roof

The Challenge

This office building had an aged, asphalt-coated, built-up roof that was causing the tenants problems with persistent roof leaks. Not to mention the black roof was putting a strain on the air conditioning system of the building. The owner asked American WeatherStar to come up with a solution that would not only solve the roof leaking issues, but would also help cool the building.

The Solution

After a survey of the roof was performed, an American WeatherStar approved contractor determined that our Full Fabric System was the best solution for this situation. Due to the small cracks in the asphalt coating, the roof needed to be completely reinforced with an American WeatherStar polyester membrane along with a roof coating system to ensure all roof leak issues would be resolved.

After core cutting the roof in several areas, the contractor determined the system under the top surface was dry, which meant the roof was a coatings candidate. At this point, if the contractor finds wet insulation, he would need to cut those areas out, and install like roofing materials to bring the current system up to a coat-able standard.

The project began with power-washing at 3,500 psi to thoroughly clean the roof. Then the 3′ polyester sheets are laid out, overlapping by several inches on the ends and side laps. American WeatherStar Fabric Bond 930 is then rolled out over the fabric, using enough coating so that it saturates the fabric and adheres to the roof substrate. The entire roof was covered with Polyester Fabric and Fabric Bond 930. If the roof would have had penetrations and/or curbs, the same system would have been used at the transition points, and several inches up the penetration to ensure a water-tight roofing system.

After the fabric was installed, two coats of American WeatherStar Butyl 310 was applied for a total coverage rate of 3 gallons per 100 sq ft. Butyl Coating 310 provides close to 90% reflectivity, which will also protect the existing roof substrate from further degradation. This same fabric system can be used on many types of substrates including modified bitumen, smooth or granulated BUR, and single-ply.

For roofs that drain well, the Full Fabric System can be top-coated with any of several of our coatings, including Acrylic 211, Ceramic Acrylic 212, or Butyl Coating 310, as used on this roof. For roofs that do not drain as well, we recommend using Silicone 410 or Urethane 520.

The Benefits

As previously mentioned, the building owner wanted a solution that would not only fix the roof leaks, but also help reduce the internal temperature of the building. The Full Fabric System from American WeatherStar accomplished both of these things while also restoring the building’s roof for years to come.

Project Summary:

This office building was experiencing persistent roof leaks and the air conditioning system was under constant strain due to . It was determined that a Full Fabric System from American WeatherStar was the best solution to restore this asphalt-coated, built-up roof.

Project Specs:
  • Roof Type: Smooth Built-Up
  • Size: 6,000 sq ft
  • Location: Dothan, AL
  • System: Fabric System

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