Leaking Metal Roof Restoration

Leaking Metal Roof Restoration

The Challenge

This rusty metal roof at a car dealership leaked every time it rained. Projects like this are very common to our contractors and the solution is a relatively simple one. Stopping a metal roof leak like this one is as easy as applying the American WeatherStar Met-A-Gard system. This system, being one of our most popular solutions, is specifically designed for metal roof restoration.

The Solution

To begin, every square inch of this roof was pressure-washed using over 3,000 psi to ensure the roof coating system would fully adhere to the metal surface. After pressure washing, American WeatherStar Rust Prime 910 was then applied to the entire roof area. The Rust Prime 910 is only necessary when rust is visible, and as you can see above, this metal roof was in desperate need of rust proofing.

After priming the roof, the waterproofing phase can begin. Every seam, penetration, and fastener are addressed to ensure no water can pass through the metal panels and into the building. On this roof, a polyester fabric was used with the Acrylic 211 on every seam and penetration. After each fastener was tightened or replaced, Acrylic Brush-Grade 220 was then applied to each to ensure a water-tight seal. The final stage is to apply two coats of Acrylic 211 to the roof to form a seamless, rubber-like membrane that will keep this building cool and dry for years to come.

The Benefits

The Met-A-Gard system is proven to restore and protect metal roofs. The primary focus when restoring a metal roof is to properly address all flashing details, as these areas are the most common spots for leaks to occur. The base coat and top coat of acrylic will then provide the roof with a protective, UV resistant layer capable of reducing energy cost and extending the lifespan of the roof.

Project Summary:

Overall, this was a relatively simple solution to an aging, rusty metal roof. Roof leaks are very common within older metal roofs on large commercial buildings. In the case, the Met-A-Gard system was installed to restore and extend the life of this metal roof.

Project Specs:
  • Roof Type: Metal
  • Size: 15,000 sq ft
  • Location: Mobile, AL
  • System: Met-A-Gard

System Products:

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