Single-Ply EPDM Roof Restoration

EPDM Roof Restoration


The Challenge

This EPDM membrane roof was approximately ten years old and at the time, and was experiencing random leaks. The building owner wanted a single-ply EPDM roof restoration system that would waterproof the roof, cut down on the heat within the building, and to prevent future degradation of the roofing membrane.

The Solution

First, an American WeatherStar approved contractor cleaned the membrane using Etching Primer 920, which is specifically designed to clean carbon and dirt from an EPDM roof. The roof was then pressure washed to remove any further debris and prepare it for the coatings application.

Next, all seams, penetrations, and transitions were waterproofed with Urethane Brush-Grade 522. After waterproofing was completed, two coats of Silicone 410 was then applied to the roof to form a seamless, elastomeric membrane that will last for at least ten years.

The Benefits

The Elast-O-Sil system was not only able to stop the roof from leaking, it drastically reduced the internal temperature of the building. The finished system looked great and extended the life of the roof, preventing any further deterioration of the EPDM membrane.

Project Summary:

A building owner in the Mobile, Alabama area was experiencing random leaks in their EPDM roof. The roof, which was approximately ten years old, was in definite need of a restoration system. The American WeatherStar Elast-O-Sil system was installed to keep the roof from leaking, reduce the buildings internal temperature, and prevent any further degradation of the EPDM membrane.

Project Specs:
  • Roof Type: EPDM
  • Size: 30,000 sq ft
  • Location: Mobile, AL
  • System: Elast-O-Sil

System Products:

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