Smooth Built-Up Roof Restoration

Smooth Built-Up Roof Restoration

The Challenge

This smooth built-up, black roof was in the beginning stages of breaking down. Here at American WeatherStar, we don’t understand why roofs were ever designed with a black finish. A black roof has limited ability to fight the harmful UV Rays produced by the sun. In most cases, the black finish causes the roof to degrade prematurely.

To make matters worse, the heat from the black roof ends up in the building, causing either increased energy costs, or just an extremely hot interior. This building owner contracted our contractor to apply our bright white, energy-efficient roof coatings system on his roof to make it last longer and cool it down.

The Solution

Before installing our roof coating system, the contractor had a moisture survey done on this roof to ensure there wasn’t wet insulation. If wet insulation is found, it must be replaced before installing our roof coatings.

After determining the substrate was dry, the installer power-washed the roof with more than 3,000 psi to make sure the roof was extremely clean. He then applied one coat of American WeatherStar Fabric Bond 930 to make sure our top coats adhered to the roofing material. Other appropriate primers for a smooth BUR roof include: Acrylic Bonding Pimer 905 and SBS Primer 950.

At this point the contractor would begin the waterproofing stage of the system, but this roof was caught before any roof leaks had emerged. In this case, the building owner was installing the system for preventive maintenance. A base coat and top coat application of American WeatherStar Acrylic 211 was then installed to form a bright, white, seamless membrane to make sure the roof would last for years to come.

The Benefits

For this project, the acrylic system was installed strictly as a preventative measure. The base coat and top coat of Acrylic 211 over the Fabric Bond 930 would prevent any further deterioration of the black, smooth built-up roof.

Project Summary:

This is a prime example of a building owner taking preventative measures to prevent further degradation to their smooth built-up roof. An acrylic system from American WeatherStar was installed to restore the existing damage, extend the lifespan of the roof, and decrease the building’s internal temperature.

Project Specs:
  • Roof Type: Smooth Built-Up
  • Size: 8,000 sq ft
  • Location: Memphis, TN
  • System: Acrylic System

System Products:

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