Donations for Ronald McDonald House and Hurricane Harvey Relief

At American WeatherStar, we love to get behind a good cause. Over the past couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute some good will to those in desperate need. For our most recent fund raisers, we donated supplies to the Ronald McDonald House and Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

Ronald McDonald House

We are proud to support one of our very own here at American WeatherStar in gathering donations in honor of the brother of Adrienne Woods. On behalf of Officer Brandon Sigler, we were able to raise $250 worth of products for the Ronald McDonald House.

The donations were also matched by American WeatherStar and then taken to these families in their time of need. We would like to thank everyone who donated on behalf of Officer Brandon Sigler who enjoyed serving the community and helping those in need.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, countless people were in desperate need of food, water and other basic supplies. Through contributions made by American WeatherStar team members, we were able to raise $950 worth of goods. American WeatherStar also match the donations bringing the grand total to $1,900 worth of supplies.

We know the recovery efforts in Texas are going to be long and difficult. Our hope is the donations made by our team will provide some comfort and relief to those affected by this disaster.


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