The best tools to get the job done…

In order to properly install a fluid-applied system in an efficient manner, it is essential to have the best equipment on the market.  We assist many of our Approved Contractors in the purchase process to ensure they are using the best equipment available;  from roof coating installation equipment to moisture detection and mil thickness gauges.  Please call our technical department for details and pricing.

Roof Coating Equipment for Flat Roof Repair and Metal Roof Repair

Spreaders & Profile Rollers

Roof Coating Equipment-Roof Coating Roller Spreader

Historically contractors have relied on air driven and/or hydraulic pumps to install roof coating systems. While we still see airless pumps as a great way to install our systems, we have also found that spreaders offer an efficient, non-mechanical alternative to spraying. Options for each are below:

14” Single Wide Tank Spreader – 5 gallon capacity
27” Double Wide Tank Spreader – 8 gallon capacity
40” Super Spreader – 12 gallon capacity
14” – Profile Spreader – 5 gallon capacity – specifically designed for metal roof coating application


Moisture Detection Equipment

The Tramex Dec Scanner is a mobile non-destructive impedance scanner designed for the instant surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems per ASTM D7954. Ideal for water leak detection in roofing materials.

Hand-Held Moisture Scanner

Roof Coating Equipment-Moisture Scanner

Tramex RWS – Roof and Wall Scanner

The Tramex RWS Roof and Wall Scanner is a multi-mode non-invasive impedance scanner designed for the instant, precise and non-destructive evaluation of moisture conditions and leak tracing in roofing per ASTM D7954 and in wall systems of the building envelope.

Core Cutting Device

Roof Coating Equipment-Core Cutting Device

To determine the validity of scanner or camera roof moisture results, we recommend the use of a core cutting device to take a small portion of the roof out for analysis. The core taken must be sealed to ensure the roof stays watertight, but this is the best way to ensure the infrared camera or moisture scanner has provided you accurate information.

Infrared Scan


Typically performed by a professional with training. An infrared scan uses specialized equipment at dusk to determine if moisture is in the roof system. The basic premise is that water cools at a slower rate than dry material. As the sun light dissipates the camera will show the difference in temperature. Areas of the roof where moisture is detected should be marked and a detail report should be submitted. We recommend using the following professional consultants for infrared camera analysis:

Louisiana Infrared – Melissa Cox – 318-207-0220 –

PFRI Services – Rick Napper – 812-599-6407 –

Learn more about thermal imaging equipment here.



Coatings Thickness Measurement Equipment


Wet Mil Gauge

Roof Coating Equipment-Wet-Mil-Gauge


When installing fluid-applied roofing systems, it is critical to make sure it meets the standards of our application guidelines. The best way to make sure that your system is being installed correctly is to measure during the installation process and after the job is complete. In order to know what dry film thickness (DFT) you will end up with you must measure the wet mils as you go.  As you measure your wet mils you will then multiply the wet mils measured x the solid content % to see where your dry mils will come to. A wet mil gauge is a hand held device used to measure the thickness of coating on the roof while still wet. Please call our technical department with any questions: 888-868-2317

A comparator is a magnification device that allow us to accurately measure dry mil thickness from samples cut from a roof. For flat roof applications, a more destructive method is required.  A number of ½ ” samples are removed from the fluid applied system in order to measure the DFT.

Magnetic Gauge


For metal roof coating projects,  the process for measuring a coating system over a metal roof is very simple.  There are gauges available that measure the DFT magnetically.  Positector is a leading brand of these gauges.  For more information on these devices please click here.

For pricing or terms on roof coating equipment AWS works with, please visit the equipment tab on our Contractor Login site.  Have a specific equipment, application, or project related technical question or request? Call us at 888-868-2317, email, or use our online contact form here