Successful Leads Are Not Just a Numbers Game

While there isn’t a magic “script”, techniques or one answer for all, there are many great frameworks and methodologies. The way a person views cold calling plays an important part in their success or at least until they see results. Some may view cold calling as a negative and it’s no wonder they’re not successful. There are those who may see cold calling as a sort of junk mail. However, when you consider the possibility of cold calling being something positive and for what it is, hard work that pays off with the right team, the benefits will come to fruition.

  • Supersede your competition
  • Identify and build new business relationships/possibilities
  • Build your business reputation as being professionally dynamic
  • Allows time to research your potential lead
  • Already have the decision makers information and rapport built before showing up

With the American WeatherStar Business Development Center, each Contractor has a dedicated Account Executive. The role the Account Executives play to their contractors is acting as a liaison of sorts between the potential customer and contractor.  Providing the customers with the value of our contractors over their competition, along with the features and benefits of AWS systems, this allows our AE’s to set your company apart.

 While calling the designated area, the Account Executives are striving to reach the decision maker. At the least, place an email or fax in their hand. While face to face interaction is a very important part of business, cold calling gives you the ability to reach more people in a quicker time frame, allowing your sales team more time to work the leads provided them by AWS.


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