Roof Sealant

with true waterproofing power…


Terminator 622 and 624 XT are powerful roof sealants with extreme adhesion to almost any roofing material. Both products are 100% solids moisture cured sealants that adhere to every substrate we have tested, including fluid-applied systems. The most impressive part of our testing shows these sealants even have a strong adhesion to silicone. Both products will effectively stop roof leaks. View product data sheets for 622 and 624 XT.

  • Apply under water, in the rain or anywhere else
  • Stops and prevents roof leaks
  • Cures under water
  • Excellent adhesion to anything, even silicone
  • UV stable
  • 100% solids waterproofing roof sealant

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Products are available in 2 gallon pails and 28 oz. cartridges (622) and in 10 oz. cartridges (624 XT).

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See a demonstration showing Terminator 622 going down on a wet substrate and its ability to fully cure under water. The thicker version, 624XT,  is great for use on walls and other areas where sagging is not an option. Watch the quick demo: