Long-Lasting Protection and Peace of Mind

American WeatherStar offers both long-term Material Warranties and System Warranties for eligible American WeatherStar systems when installed by an Approved Contractor.

Material Warranty

A Material Warranty ensures the material provided will last through the terms of the warranty and warrants the building owner that a properly-applied American WeatherStar product will not fail as the result of normal weathering or material manufacturing defects.

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System Warranty

A System Warranty covers labor and materials and warrants to the building owner that a properly-applied American WeatherStar system will not leak as the result of material defects or workmanship of the American WeatherStar Approved Contractor.

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Sustainable Warranty Options

Sustainable warranty requirements ensure American WeatherStar roof restoration systems provide long-lasting protection and maintain high performance.


System and Material Warranties are renewable within 30 days after expiration provided the roof system is in accordance with American WeatherStar specifications.


System and Material Warranties are transferable to new building owners following an inspection of the existing system and approval from American WeatherStar.

Sample Warranties

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