Roof tube sealing fasteners

We are excited to announce that American WeatherStar is now a proud distributor of Roof Tube. Over the years, both companies have established themselves as leaders in the commercial roof restoration industry. With this new partnership, we can create an even more significant impact and provide unparalleled value to our customers.

The Roof Tube is a tool used primarily in commercial, industrial applications, known for installing mastics or caulking. The Roof Tube works by going directly into the product bucket, drawing it up, and into the tube. Although most commonly known for fasteners, the Roof Tube can apply product to seams, membranes, ribs, etc., using specialized tips that vary based on the job.

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What is Roof Tube?

Roof Tube FAQ's

How long will a Roof Tube last?

In short, a Roof Tube will last a half day to several days, depending on the product being applied using the tool. This answer depends significantly on the type of material being used. With some acrylic, silicone, & even urethane products, we’ve stretched one tube out for several days with proper flushing at the end of day and lubrication the following day, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Tubes have also been known to perform poorly after lunch just because of the conditions on the roof. Consider thinking of these as a paint roller. In many cases, cleaning a roof tube will cost more than simply grabbing a new one.

How do I clean it?

The Roof Tube can be cleaned and re-used successfully, but only up to a certain point before the inner part of the tube and packings start to deteriorate. Think of them like paint rollers. Obviously, you can flush with water for Acrylics, although you may need to relubricate the tube. Depending on your materials, you can flush with mineral spirits or xylene for silicone and polyurethanes.

What size tip should I use?

Pro tip: buy them all! Or at least a couple of our bundle packs. Each type of mastic draws and expels differently. We recommend trying many different tip setups to find the PERFECT combination. If you are trying the Roof Tube for the first time with a new product, allow the first 1/2 hour to experiment to find the best combination. If you cannot draw a product, move to a bigger tip. If the product dispenses too fast and becomes costly and messy, move to a smaller tip or try adjusting the ball valve to slow the flow.

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