Introducing the New “System View” Video Series

We are pleased to introduce our new video series entitled System View. With System View Videos, our goal is to provide property owners and facility managers with quality videos that help demonstrate the installation process of American WeatherStar Fluid-Applied Systems. These videos also highlight numerous cost and energy-saving benefits of fluid-applied roof restoration.

All too often, building owners and facility managers are simply not aware that a roof restoration system is even a possibility for their roof. Knowing if a system will ultimately work depends on the overall condition of the roof surface. For building owners and facility managers considering roof replacement, we highly recommend having your roof inspected by an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor before committing to such a costly endeavor.

Ure-A-Sil System View

Roofing contractors applying urethane roof coatings with tank spreader

Met-A-Gard System View

Roofing contractor spraying acrylic roof coating on metal roof