Annual Maintenance on a Commercial Roof Coating System is Critical

As roofing professionals, if we promote and educate our customers about regular maintenance, it would be beneficial to everyone involved. The average building owner only purchases a commercial roof a few times in his/her career. They seldom understand that you cannot simply install a new roof or coating system without having to maintain the warranted system. Many commercial roof warranties require a documented roof maintenance program. American WeatherStar incentivizes it with our Star Gard Plus Extension Program. Any new roof coating system that is installed, inspected and warranted by American WeatherStar contractor is a candidate for the extension program.  Just fill out the Star Gard Plus application and follow the guidelines annually. 

The following checklist will assist you in planning a maintenance program for your customers. Please call American WeatherStar Technical Department with any questions: 800-771-6643 

Click on the checklist below to download:

roof coatings annual maintenance checklist


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