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Business Growth Prompts American WeatherStar Relocation


American WeatherStar, a leading supplier of fluid-applied roof restoration coating systems and products, is relocating its corporate headquarters to Irvington, Alabama, in December 2019.

The newly acquired property, located at 8095 Padgett Switch Road in Irvington, Alabama, will provide a larger footprint to accommodate the growing number of employees and support the company’s overall growth strategy in product development and manufacturing.

“We’ve grown substantially over the past few years,” said American WeatherStar President Brian O’Donnell. “We’ve been looking at this move for some time now. Not only do we need additional space to handle new personnel, but we also plan on developing our own product formulas and manufacturing several of the products that we already provide. This will ultimately help us expand our product line and provide our customers with even more solutions. We’ve built a great business as a private label supplier over the last 15 years. Developing formulas and blending the material is a natural progression.”

The 5-acre location features a 5,600-square-foot office building to house the 25+ employees and management staff. It also includes a separate 5,000-square-foot warehouse facility that the company plans to use for product manufacturing beginning some time in 2020.

“The future is bright for the roof coatings industry and American WeatherStar,” O’Donnell added. “We are extremely excited to get into the new building and begin a new chapter in the story of our company.”

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