Butyl and SPF over Steel Tanks

Spray-Tec, Inc, an American WeatherStar Platinum Contractor, recently completed a unique coatings job in Old Fort, Ohio.

Surface type: Steel
Size: 116 lin. ft.
Age: 15+ years
Location: Old Fort, OH
Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: SPF & Butyl

Closed-cell SPF
Butyl 310

The customer in this project is a leading manufacturer of household products such as baking soda and cat litter. They use carbon dioxide steel tanks for manufacturing. The two specific tanks in this case are 116 linear feet each. Both were insulated several years ago.

Due to deterioration caused by condensation, frozen sections of foam, UV-damaged coating/foam, etc, the customer was experiencing increased costs and loss of production. Despite various repairs made to the tanks over the years, they needed to be completely re-insulated.

Spray-Tec, Inc. created a scope of work to ensure proper long-term performance. First, the deteriorated polyurethane foam was removed. Next, the exterior surface was primed with a 2-part primer. Then, 6” (R-40) 3 lbs closed-cell polyurethane foam was sprayed on the tank. Finally, the tank received two coats of Butyl 310 to protect the underlying foam.

The finished product produced a visibly cleaner tank with a seamless top coat. Butyl 310 has excellent reflectivity that resists 80-90% of the heat caused by UV rays. In the future, this will help the tanks avoid the UV damage they previously experienced.

The spray polyurethane foam being closed-cell means it has a higher R value. The higher the R value, the more resistant the foam is to heat flow and the better it insulates. Additionally, the butyl top coat will protect the spray polyurethane foam underneath to prevent it from freezing, as the customer had also previously dealt with. Butyl coatings are vapor-retardant which make them ideal for use over SPF.

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