Why Roof Maintenance is Problem Prevention

Why roof Maintenance is problem prevention

When it comes to your roof, an out of sight out of mind mentality can be dangerous. Roofs have one main purpose, to protect us and our assets. Like everything else we use and depend on daily , roofs need maintenance to stay strong and efficient. The article below, from RSI, puts the cost of […]

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Roof Coatings Review: How Chemistry Impacts Quality

Roof Coatings Review: How Chemistry Impacts Quality

Courtesy of: George Daisey — The Dow Chemical Company Installing or restoring a roof can be a tremendously complicated endeavor. There are single ply membranes, roof systems, coatings, concrete, metal, and many more variations to choose from, which leads anyone to ask what substrate do I choose? To add further complexity, within the coatings option alone […]

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Opportunities for Commercial Roofing Contractors

Opportunities for commercial roofing contractors

“The building owner is the most likely person to make the decision about the materials used for roof replacement projects (42 percent), while facility managers are most likely to make the call on the materials used for repairs (40 percent).” Roofing Contractor teamed up with BNP Media Market Research and GAF to conduct a study […]

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How Can Roof Coatings Save You Money

How can roof coatings save you money?

Tax & Energy Savings Receive up to $.60/sf based on total project (roof and/or walls) when you can show a reduction in energy consumption of 10% or more. The customer will need an energy calculation and a compliance statement for their file. We can assist with providing this documentation. Expense Deduction Year One Roof and […]

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Winterizing Your Hydraulic Spray Rig


If you own or use a spray rig for roof coating applications, you know how important consistent maintenance is. As far as coating applications go, these incredibly useful machines are ideal and extremely efficient. One thing you may not have thought about it how cold weather can affect your rig. In this post, we refer […]

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Brush Up on Your Roof Coatings Terminology


When someone enters the roof coatings industry, it is critical that they learn the jargon and definitions of the profession. These terms will assist a professional looking to learn the business of roof restoration. Elastomeric Coating A coating that forms a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. It has elastic properties that allow it […]

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The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

The fortune is in the follow-up

The old saying “The fortune is in the follow-up” could not be more accurate for members of the roofing industry. Following up with potential customers can be one of the most important actions you can take to grow your business. It will bring you great results. The Value of Following Up One of the biggest reasons […]

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Heat Blisters in Dark-Tinted Elastomeric Coatings

Heat Blisters in Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Heat blisters have always been a concern when applying a dark-colored, high-build elastomeric roof coating during the hot summer months. Because elastomeric coatings dry from the top down, the excess heat causes the coating to skin over at an accelerated rate. The escaping moisture then becomes trapped and ultimately forms a blister. This past summer, an American WeatherStar Platinum Level contractors was […]

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What Are the Benefits of Roof Coatings?

What are the benefits of roof coatings?

Sustainability is not necessarily a new concept within the roofing industry. But roofing systems—and roof coatings—are receiving increased attention and recognition, based on more stringent environmental regulations and building codes, increased concern for the environment, and bottom-line considerations. This focus on sustainability is good for the industry, and it provides opportunities for maintenance and engineering […]

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Take Steps to Ensure Roof Safety

Roof Safety

At American WeatherStar, we have learned more from our contractors on proper installation and waterproofing techniques than any other source. Roof safety is no different. The following information on safety comes directly from RCI, one of our Platinum Contractors based out of Indiana. Whether you are a roofing professional that accesses roofs daily or you […]

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