Installing Roof Coatings in Cold Weather


As we begin 2020 and continue having cooler temperatures, we want contractors to know the challenges of installing roof coatings in cold weather. Water-based coatings are risky this time of year. Acrylic coatings, mastics, and primers are likely to freeze and ruin if the temperature freezes the night after they are installed. Freezing is not the only […]

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Heat Blisters in Dark-Tinted Elastomeric Coatings

Heat Blisters in Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Heat blisters have always been a concern when applying a dark-colored, high-build elastomeric roof coating during the hot summer months. Because elastomeric coatings dry from the top down, the excess heat causes the coating to skin over at an accelerated rate. The escaping moisture then becomes trapped and ultimately forms a blister. This past summer, an American WeatherStar Platinum Level contractors was […]

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Tech Talk: Terminator Waterproofing Sealant

Terminator WaterProofing Sealant

In today’s segment, Technical Services Director Eric Long is going to discuss the waterproofing power of Terminator 622 and 624XT. Terminator roof sealant is a 100% solids, moisture-curing sealant that adheres to nearly every substrate we have tested, including fluid-applied coating systems. Our testing even shows optimal adhesion to silicone. In this video, we demonstrate how […]

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Tech Talk: How to Assemble, Operate, and Clean a Tank Spreader from Rooftop Equipment

When it comes to roof coatings, tank spreaders are easily one of the most important tools for roofing contractors. Because of it’s simple design, tank spreaders require very little training, and can help contractors work more efficiently and increase productivity. In the two Tech Talk videos below, we go over the assembly of Rooftop Equipment’s 40” Super […]

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Annual Maintenance on a Commercial Roof Coating System is Critical

As roofing professionals, if we promote and educate our customers about regular maintenance, it would be beneficial to everyone involved. The average building owner only purchases a commercial roof a few times in his/her career. They seldom understand that you cannot simply install a new roof or coating system without having to maintain the warranted system. Many commercial […]

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Best Practices for Receiving a Shipment

When receiving a shipment, it is critical to ensure orders are received properly. We rely heavily on the LTL trucking industry to carry material from an American WeatherStar warehouse to your provided shipping address. All shipments require a Bill of Lading. The BOL is a legal document listing the contents of the order by number […]

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Installing a Silicone Recoat

Over the past 10 years, silicone roof coating systems have taken over the coatings industry. Over time, many roofs utilizing a silicone system are now in need of repair and a silicone recoat. Because of this, we see a great opportunity for our AWS approved contractors to repair and recoat these older silicone systems. In […]

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