Tech Talk: Terminator Waterproofing Sealant

Terminator WaterProofing Sealant

In today’s segment, Technical Services Director Eric Long is going to discuss the waterproofing power of Terminator 622 and 624XT. Terminator roof sealant is a 100% solids, moisture-curing sealant that adheres to nearly every substrate we have tested, including fluid-applied coating systems. Our testing even shows optimal adhesion to silicone. In this video, we demonstrate how […]

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System View: Metal Roof Restoration with Met-A-Gard & Met-A-Gard+

Metal Roof Restoration

  New Met-A-Gard & Met-A-Gard+ System View Video We are pleased announce our newest System View video! This metal roof restoration project showcases the Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Gard+ roof restoration systems. We produce System View videos to show building owners and managers the installation process of American WeatherStar systems and to feature the many powerful and money-saving benefits […]

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Tech Talk: How to Assemble, Operate, and Clean a Tank Spreader from Rooftop Equipment

When it comes to roof coatings, tank spreaders are easily one of the most important tools for roofing contractors. Because of it’s simple design, tank spreaders require very little training, and can help contractors work more efficiently and increase productivity. In the two Tech Talk videos below, we go over the assembly of Rooftop Equipment’s 40” Super […]

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System View: Installing the Ure-A-Sil System over a Modified Bitumen Roof

Introducing System View American WeatherStar is pleased to introduce our new video series entitled System View. With System View, our goal is to provide building owners and facility managers with quality videos that help easily explain the installation process of all American WeatherStar roof coating systems. This video series is also designed to feature the benefits of roof restoration compared to […]

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Met-A-Gard Job Profile

Joe Reese with Gateway Environmental Roofing Solutions recently installed an American WeatherStar Met-A-Gard System on an R panel metal roof in Chesterfield, Missouri. AWS President Brian O’Donnell had the opportunity to visit with Joe and his crew during the project. “It was obvious that Gateway had a great deal of experience installing fluid applied systems,” […]

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Contractor Video Promotion

Here at American WeatherStar, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. One area we want to improve is our video marketing. We know from experience that showing potential clients a video is far more compelling than just handing them a brochure. Our goal is to give facility managers access to an extensive video library […]

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Tech Talk: Adhesion Comparison of Urethane vs. Silicone

In this edition of Tech Talk, we demonstrate the adhesion strengths of urethane and silicone. While its UV stability and resistance to ponding water are unsurpassed, silicone roof coatings aren’t known for their strength or durability against physical damage. That’s why we toughened up our Ure-A-Sil roof coating system by adding a base coat of urethane […]

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Project Profile – Tinted Coating Restoring Aged Roof

Type of Facility: Healthcare – Hospital Location: Fairhope, AL Contractor: Thomas Roofing Mobile, AL Roofing System: Ure-A-Sil (Urethane/Silicone Combo) Substrate: JM Modbit   Challenge: Installed in the early 90’s, the existing modified bitumen roof of the structure had been  leaking and showing signs of wear. To avoid the high costs associated with total roof replacement, Ray Tanner (Thomas Hospital) asked […]

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Video Demo For Measuring Metal Roof Profiles

When it comes to measuring the square footage of a metal roof, initial observations can be deceiving. Make sure you estimate and order an adequate amount of roof coating material by following this simple technique. Download our metal roof estimating guide here.    Learn about Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Sil, our high-performance metal roof coating systems.

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