What sets the Color-Gard Roof Coating System apart?

The Color-Gard architectural roof coating system combines our innovative KyGard Ultra 215 with the superior elongation, tensile strength, and color retention of High-Tensile Acrylic 211. This system provides a low-build protective finish that provides unsurpassed weathering, abrasion resistance, colorfastness, and dirt pick-up resistance. Designed for use on new and existing metal roof surfaces, the Color-Gard architectural roof coating system provides the ultimate level of reflectivity, color stability, algae resistance, and weatherability.

Suitable Surfaces
System Benefits
  • Excellent Reflectivity
  • Outstanding color retention
  • Exceptional dirt, crack, and mildew resistance
  • Ultra-low VOC content
  • Superior weathering and abrasion resistance
  • Prevents premature degradation
  • Provides beautiful long-lasting finish

Basic Uses

The Color-Gard architectural roof coating system is designed to provide long-term durability, dirt resistance, and color fastness for metal roof surfaces.