What Sets the Elast-O-Sil System Apart?

The Elast-O-Sil roof coating system is a high performance silicone option for restoring and protecting commercial flat roofs. The system is designed around the superior adhesive strength and UV stability of Silicone 410.

The Elast-O-Sil system provides elemental protection for various types of commercial roofing surfaces. This system forms a seamless, durable, rubber-like membrane capable of eliminating any moisture penetration. Its excellent UV resistance helps to drastically reduce energy cost and decrease internal building temperatures.

Suitable Substrates
Modified BitumenBuilt-UpSingle-PlySpray Polyurethane Foam

Elast-O-Sil Roof Model

Basic Uses

Silicone roof coating systems, like the Elast-O-Sil system, are being used by companies of all sizes to waterproof and cool their buildings, and improve their bottom lines. The Elast-O-Sil system is most effective as a protective membrane coating for the entire roof, to use for spot repair, and to provide additional protection for flashings.

System Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion to roofing substrate
  • Superior protection & UV stability
  • Extends life expectancy of commercial flat roofs
  • 100% tax deductible the year of installation
  • Warrantied to withstand ponding water
  • Drastically reduces energy cost
  • Sustainable 10 & 15 year warranty options