Growing Your Commercial Roofing Business with the Lead Generation Program

Are you a commercial roofing contractor interested in growing your business? Do you need help reaching more customers and staying on top of your leads? American WeatherStar has the solution.

Our exclusive Lead Generation program puts American WeatherStar Approved Contractors in front of more facility managers and owners. We provide marketing materials customized to your company and assign you a dedicated Account Executive to follow-up on your leads.

In the video above, I introduce the Lead Generation program we provide for our Approved Contractors. The project featured in this video takes place on an aged EPDM roof in York, Pennsylvania as discussed by American WeatherStar President Brian O’Donnell and Merv Fisher of Capital Coating, Inc.

American WeatherStar Account Executive Marquita Lockhart was assigned to Capital Coating for this particular job. Below you will see the case study of her follow-up efforts for the job. This is the dedicated follow-up process we can provide with our Lead Generation program.



Survey date: 10/03/17

Proposal given: 12/04/17

Verbal sold/contract: 6/13/18

Sold job/Order placed: 8/20/18


8/19/13: Contact uploaded into campaign list, initial mailer sent

9/4/13: Call attempted, no answer

4/2/14: Call attempted, no answer

4/14/14: Final mailer sent

3/2015: Uploaded into campaign list, initial mailer sent

4/2/15: Called, sent intro email

9/21/15: Left voicemail for Ken (head of maintenance)

11/2015: Final mailer sent

1/16/17: Contact placed in new campaign, initial mailer sent

1/20/17: Left voicemail

2/21/17: Receptionist confirmed contact name, left voicemail

5/4/17: Left voicemail

7/10/17: Left voicemail

10/3/17: Call cap to Capital, from mailer

10/3/17: Marquita spoke with customer to confirm info, customer had tech/product questions for Eric. Eric did not call customer as to not overstep Contractor. Marquita advised Merv/Mike of customer’s request. Merv handled.

12/4/17: Proposal given

1/12/18: 8:01 am. Spoke with Ken who said they are in the position of looking over a roof next week. He said they are wanting to make sure our product is what they want to go with, but it is over his head at this point. I advised Ken I will send all my contact info just in case he has any questions or concerns for me.

1/12/18: 8:16 am. I called to share info with Merv, when Merv brought this lead to my attention. There is a roof the company will look over next week which Merv will present to go over the product they are presenting (AWS system). Merv said he will reach out to them tomorrow to get something discussed. Advised Merv this seems to be a go but Ken did advise the ball is out of his court and in someone else’s hands. Merv has hands on with the guy who is looking to get everything done.

1/12/18: 8:16 am. I read an email from business president asking for samples – so at this point the president is asking to move forward with Merv as they are interested in the durability of our product.

1/16/18: Merv sent email to customer (Alan) containing references, Merv forwarded copy of email to Marquita. Merv suggested to call Alan for follow up as well, left a message for Alan

1/16/18: No answer

1/16/18: Sent email to touch base with Ken and Alan as well.

1/22/18: Spoke with Merv today who said Alan is traveling for the next three weeks, but he will give me an update and let me know.

3/2/18: No answer, left message for Ken

3/7/18: Follow-up on proposal from Capital Coating, general follow up for all proposals

4/3/18: Called to follow-up with Ken, no answer

4/3/18: Sent a follow-up email to Ken

5/1/18: Left a voicemail for Ken on office and mobile line

5/1/18: Follow-up email sent to Ken

5/2/18: Spoke with Merv this morning. He said that the business president called him to say their decision will be finalized tomorrow. He said the customer is requesting Solar on top on the roof and he has been discussing this with Brian to make sure he is able to accommodate the customer’s needs are to assist to determine the best route; Merv said Brian will speak with Alan sometime today to determine the best option to fit their needs. Feel really good that this job is set in stone.

5/18/18: Sent a follow-up email to Ken to check in

6/11/18: Called to follow-up on roofing project, no answer. Left message for Ken

6/11/18: Sent email to follow-up on roofing project

6/13/18: Spoke with Merv who said he has been the selected contractor with the business. He said he had to share several options with them and now it is up to how much money the company wants to spend and how many quadrants they want to start with.

6/13/18: Field ID/Status changed from “L.A. Proposal” to “Verbal Sold”

8/20/18: Order placed. Field Job Invoice Amount changed

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