Tech Talk: How to Assemble, Operate, and Clean a Tank Spreader from Rooftop Equipment

When it comes to roof coatings, tank spreaders are easily one of the most important tools for roofing contractors. Because of it’s simple design, tank spreaders require very little training, and can help contractors work more efficiently and increase productivity.

In the two Tech Talk videos below, we go over the assembly of Rooftop Equipment’s 40” Super Tank Spreader, and demonstrate how to operate, and clean, the Singlewide Tank Spreader. Both spreaders are ideal for all American WeatherStar core systems. Below is an outline for each system product that can be applied using a tank spreader.

For flat roof restoration using the Ure-A-Sil or Enviro-Sil system:

For metal roof restoration using the Met-A-Gard, Met-A-Gard Plus, or Met-A-Sil system:

For more information on Rooftop Equipment’s Tank Spreaders, check out our roof coatings equipment page or visit

Assembly of the 40″ Super Tank Spreader by Rooftop Equipment

Demo and Clean Up of the Singlewide Tank Spreader by Rooftop Equipment


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