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Roof Coatings & FM Approvals

We are often asked if American WeatherStar roof coatings are FM approved. The simple answer is yes, but the issue is more complicated than whether or not our roof coatings are FM approved.

An FM approval is based on the entire roofing assembly. A roof assembly is defined by everything that makes up the roof, from the deck to the top-most layer. In order for an American Weather Star system to be FM approved, it must be tested by FM (Factory Mutual) at one of their testing facilities.

FM has two primary types of tests for roofing systems: wind uplift and fire resistance. The wind uplift test is passed based on wind pressure. The fire rating test applies an enormous flame to the system and measures the time it takes for it to burn.

At American WeatherStar, we have several systems with FM Approvals. Our Foam-Gard System, utilizing a BASF roofing foam along with a top coat of either Acrylic 211 or Silicone 410, has Roof Nav assembly FM approvals for both wind uplift and fire resistance. Full assemblies with Roof Nav numbers can be found on FM’s Roof Nav website. You can also call our technical services department with specific questions.

Our Ure-A-Sil System, utilizing Urethane 520 as the base coat and Silicone 410 as the top coat, is an FM Approved maintenance system—which tests the system over several roofing membranes. Click here to view FM Approvals for the Ure-A-Sil System.


Both the roof coating and roofing assembly must have FM approvals to be considered “FM Approved.” If the coating has an FM approval and the roofing assembly does not, then it is not an FM Approved system.

For more information on our FM approved systems and products, please contact American WeatherStar technical services.