Rust on your metal roof? Restore & protect it with Met-A-Gard & Met-A-Gard+ cool roof technology.







  • Watertight seal stops leaks
  • Prevents rust
  • 100% tax deductible the year of installation
  • Expands life expectancy of metal roofs
  • Cool roof technology lowers interior cooling costs
  • Backed with long-term, renewable warranties
  • Sustainable 5, 10, 12 & 15 year warranty options



  • Standard R-panel metal roofs
  • Standing seam metal roofs

High-Performance Metal Restoration Systems

The AWS Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Gard+ systems are proven and advanced fluid applied roofing systems designed by American WeatherStar to restore and protect metal roofs. AWS designed these systems based on the proven performance of AWS Acrylic 211 and the extreme durability of the AWS Acrylic 211 HT roof coatings. Both systems are bright white and Energy Star rated. Both are great solutions to restoring your commercial metal roof. The Met-A-Gard+ does offer a longer warranty as it utilizes the HT formula which has greater tensile strength, more elongation and higher reflectivity.

Rusty Panels and Skylights

Rust, also known as Iron Oxide, is formed by a chemical reaction in which iron oxidizes when in the presence of oxygen and water or excessive moisture. Iron Oxide lacks many of the structural characteristics of the original iron material and will continue to spread deeper into the material. If left alone, rust will almost always result in total failure of the panel. AWS Rust Primers are designed to neutralize existing rust as well as prevent it from advancing its damage. Skylights, if still within their serviceable life, can be renewed and restored with AWS Acrylic 230 clear liquid applied membrane.

Application Process



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Met-A-Gard Technical Resources

Case Studies


Custom Color Metal Roof Coating

Solutions By Roof Type - American WeatherSTar

In 2007, the Oklahoma State University Tulsa campus invited several coatings contractors in the Tulsa OK area to submit their chosen coating for a test on OSU’s main campus building to determine what product they would use to restore the roof back to its original new condition. OSU has a beautiful campus and building, but the roof was aging, it had some leaks, and simply wasn’t quite up to OSU standards. David Paine with Sooner Roof Restoration, Inc., an AWS approved Contractor, submitted and tested the American WeatherStar Acrylic 211 HT, our best coating for color retention against UV degradation on a roof. We were competing with several other roofing products also tested, and all products were reviewed over a period of several months. After approximately six months, OSU chose our roofing material to restore the main campus building. The project consisted of power-washing the entire roof with 3,500 psi of pressure, then priming the existing metal with AWS Rust Prime 912 to ensure adhesion and surface rust would not be an issue. To waterproof the metal roof, all seams, penetrations and transitions were properly treated with AWS waterproofing materials. The final step was to apply two coats of the AWS Acrylic 211 HT custom tinted to the green color that OSU has always used on their roofs at the Tulsa campus. The final product was an outstanding looking roof that OSU, Sooner Roof, and American WeatherStar are all very proud of today.

Leaking Metal Roof Restoration


This rusty metal roof that leaked every time it rained is like many of the metal roofs that our Contractors are faced with with every day. Stopping a metal roof leak is as easy as applying one of roof coatings. To being with, every square inch of this roof was power-washed using over 3,000 pounds of pressure to ensure that the WeatherStar roof coating system would adhere to the metal. After power washing, AWS Rust Prime 910 was applied to the entire roof area. The Rust Prime 910 is only necessary where visible rust is apparent and as you can see, this metal roof definitely needed rust proofing. After priming the roof, we begin the waterproofing stage. Every penetration, fastener, and seam is addressed to make sure they do not allow water to pass through the panels into the building. On this roof, a polyester fabric was used with the Acrylic 211 on every seam and penetration. After each fastener was tightened or replaced, AWS Brush-Grade 220 was applied to every one to ensure all are water-tight. The final stage is to apply two coats of Acrylic 211 over the entire roof to form a seamless rubber-like membrane that will keep this building cool and dry for years to come. Other AWS top coats that work well on metal roofs include: Butyl 310, Urethane 520, or either one of the fast set roof coatings we offer.





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