Roofer spraying acrylic roof coating on leaky metal roof

In this case study, we highlight how to fix a leaking metal roof using the Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System.


A large manufacturing company in the Atlanta area was having leaking issues in their 350,000 sq. ft. metal roof. In this scenario, an American WeatherStar Platinum Contractor was already conducting roof maintenance on a regular basis and had been dealing with the metal roof leaks for many years.

Due to the size of the building which can cause exponential lateral movement of a metal roof, the leaks became much worse over time. The natural expansion and contraction (thermal movement) of the roof structure began to take a toll on the seams and fasteners, ultimately causing them to fail and allow more water into the building.

It became evident that the usual repairs were not going to get the job done anymore. It was time to implement a more permanent solution for this leaking metal roof.


For this leaking metal roof, the installing contractor created a scope of work to ensure optimal long-term performance of the Met-A-Gard system. First, the entire roof was pressure washed at 3500 psi to remove dirt, dust, debris, and any other materials from the surface of the roof. This step ensures the system will achieve maximum adhesion to the metal substrate. In some cases, a primer may be applied to promote proper adhesion. For this roof, however, a primer application was not necessary.

Next, Urethane Brush-Grade 522 was applied to all seams, transitions, penetrations, and fasteners. This product is a flashing-grade mastic designed to tightly seal and waterproof the more delicate areas where leaks are most likely to occur.

This is a critical step in the process to ensure a water-tight building. It also enables the system to withstand the natural expansion and contraction of the roof structure.

To complete the system, two coats of bright white Acrylic 211 were then applied. The highly-reflective finish will dramatically cool down the roof and reduce the movement of the metal panels and fasteners. Acrylic 211 is specially designed to remain flexible even under the most adverse conditions such as high foot traffic, extreme weather, as well as everyday wear-and-tear.


After receiving the Met-A-Gard System, the roof now is now a watertight system with at least 10 more years of extended service life. In addition to preventing further metal roof leaks, the system will also protect against the onset of rust or corrosion.

For added protection and peace of mind, this system was issued a 10-year Material Warranty that guarantees the roof won’t leak as a result of material defects.

Click here to see a video installation of the Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System.

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