NDL System Elite Warranty

An NDL System Elite Warranty provides a 20-year term length and covers leaks in the American WeatherStar system installed due to defects in the system or due to installation errors. The American WeatherStar system must be installed by a Platinum Contractor. A third-party consultant hired by American WeatherStar will then inspect and grade the installation. The installation of the American WeatherStar system must pass inspection before the warranty can be issued.

American WeatherStar recommends any building owner working with a roofing contractor to ask for a sample warranty for the project they are considering. Know what is covered and what is not covered in the warranty before proceeding with the project. Sample American WeatherStar system warranties are provided below. Please contact American WeatherStar Warranty Services with any questions regarding the content of the warranty.

NDL System Elite Warranty Samples

Flat Roof Restoration Systems
Metal Roof Restoration Systems
SPF & Roof Coatings Systems

What is an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor?

What is an American WeatherStar
Approved Contractor?

If you are a building owner or property manager considering an American WeatherStar roof restoration system for your commercial or industrial building, we feel that it is important for you to learn more about American WeatherStar Approved Contractors.

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