Gifts donated for the Child Advocacy Center Fundraiser

We make an effort each year to give back to our community. During the holidays, outreach to our community usually comes in the form of fundraisers.

For Christmas 2019, we held a fundraiser for the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile (CAC). The CAC serves as a haven for children who are victims of abuse. To give these children a Merry Christmas, we asked for support from our employees, friends, families, and colleagues. American WeatherStar adopted four families for whom to buy Christmas gifts.

Additionally, we designed custom t-shirts to sell in which all proceeds went to this fundraiser. Thank you to the following t-shirt sponsors:

  • All-South Warehouse D/C Inc
  • American Weatherstar, LLC
  • Casualty Consulting Group
  • Eddie Pearson Roofing
  • Edwards Roofing
  • Galt Construction
  • Lazer Zone
  • PFRI Services, LLC
  • Pressurized Roofing Solutions
  • Rooftop Equipment
  • Thomas Roofing

We also held a Split the Pot raffle at FAST Academy this month in which 50% of the cash proceeds also went to the fundraiser. Thank you to our FAST Attendees who contributed!

The final numbers have been tallied, and we are very happy to say that we raised a total of $8,047 in donations! Employee donations were graciously matched by American WeatherStar and Bobby Norrell of Galt Construction. Funds raised were used to buy the gifts shown above from the Christmas lists of all the children.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to such a great cause! Merry Christmas!