When replacement is the only option…

Our single-ply roofing offers a complete line of cool roofing membrane systems.

Single-Ply systems are designed for waterproofing, replacing, or repairing commercial flat roofs. These systems are prefabricated membrane roofing and offer heat welded seams. The roofing system must be installed by an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor/ Contractor. For a free evaluation and proposal for a roofing project or repair click on the tab above to request more information. We will have an Approved Contractor contract you to set up a time to survey the roof.

Our single-ply roofing systems continue to promote our philosophy that reflective white roofing is far superior to traditional black or asphalt roofing. Our single-ply roofing systems are affordable and durable alternatives when a fluid-applied system is not an option.


Case Studies

60 Mil TPO Single Ply System over BUR Gravel


This 33,000 square foot Built Up Roof on a shopping center in Montgomery, Alabama had definitely served its purpose and was ready for resurfacing. According to the developer, several of the stores had evident leaks. The American WeatherStar approved Contractor offered an initial survey and analysis which determined that our 60 mil TPO membrane was best suited for this type of roof.

The Contractor first installed the Nova Rollout, which is a 5/8″ thick inorganic rock mat underlayment. This allows for the TPO membrane to be successfully installed without any concerns of the original roof surface harming the TPO membrane. It also allows for roof and equipment maintenance after the single-ply system is installed.

After installation of the Nova Rollout, the approved Contractor fastened the TPO membrane around the perimeter of the building, then throughout the field of the roof. The seams of the membrane are heat welded to completely waterproof the system. There are no tapes or glues used to seal this system.

This particular building had a 10′ parapet wall around the front of the building, so the Contractor also fastened the TPO up the parapet wall and under the existing metal coping to encapsulate the entire roof and walls with a heat welded, durable white membrane.

This building now has a bright white roof top helping each tenant with their energy bills and a water-tight roof that will last for over ten years.