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At American WeatherStar, we offer a number of different primers specifically formulated for certain commercial roofing applications. In general, primers are used in fluid-applied roofing systems to help provide adhesion between the roof surface and the roof coating product, and to cure and prevent rust.

While there are many different types of primers to choose from, knowing which product to use depends on a number of factors including: roof substrate, weather conditions, and the roof coating product being applied. A primer is not required for every roof restoration project and should never be substituted for proper roof surface preparation and cleaning. Before the application of any primer, or coating product, the roof surface must be cleaned to ensure maximum adhesion.

What Are The Benefits of Primers?

Promotes Adhesion

As mentioned above, primers are applied (after proper surface cleaning and preparation) to help promote adhesion of the roof coating product to the roof substrate. Suitable surfaces for primers include: metal, modified bitumen, single-ply, spray polyurethane foam,  smooth surface BUR, and concrete decks.

Cures and Prevents Rust

For difficult metal roof surfaces, primers offer a tough, durable, adhesive film that is specifically designed to eliminate rust, resist future corrosion, and help coatings bond to unstable and porous surfaces.

What Are The Limitations of Primers?

One Product Does Not Solve All Priming Issues

While we do offer multiple primer options, no one product can resolve all issues on a given commercial or industrial roof surface. There are number of factors to consider before incorporating a primer into an American WeatherStar fluid-applied roofing system.

Suitable Surfaces:

MetalModified BitumenBuilt-UpSingle-PlySpray Polyurethane FoamConcrete