EcoCleaner 925

EcoCleaner 925 is a unique, high-performance, and environmentally friendly cleaner. Its biodegradable formulation meets all US VOC regulations, including the most stringent Southern California regulations. EcoCleaner 925 is a low foaming formulation that features significant renewable content. With its exceptional cleaning ability, EcoCleaner 925 will even remove paints and adhesives when used at full strength.

  • high-performance, environmentally-friendly cleaner
  • Biodegradable, low-foaming formulation
  • Meets all US VOC regulations
  • Exceptional cleaning ability
  • Significant renewable content

5-gallon pail



Diluted 5:1 for effective cleaning of most surfaces including roofs decks, concrete, and steel. EcoCleaner 925 may be used at lower dilutions for tougher stains and soiling. Old paints and adhesives may be removed with no, or minimal dilutions.

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  • Metal

Apply diluted EcoCleaner 925 with a low-pressure sprayer, such as a garden sprayer at a rate of 1 gal per 150 ft. Power wash all surfaces with a minimum of 3,000 psi using a wide fax tip. Failure to use a power washer will result in poor coating adhesion. Rinse completely. Water should be clear with no soap bubbles.

  • Garden Sprayer

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