Micro Fibers 1000

Micro Fibers 1000 is a micro-fine manufactured high-tensile polyethylene fiber used as a general thickener for American WeatherStar acrylic, butyl, silicone, and urethane coatings products.

  • Economical
  • Mixes easily to increase viscosity
  • Retains elastic properties
  • Adds tensile strength
  • Will not decompose

5 gal. pail



Micro Fibers 1000 can be used to thicken acrylic, butyl, silicone, and urethane coatings  into brushable mastics. Thicker materials allow for fabrication of cants or filling around irregular surfaces. Excellent for flashing details, metal roof seams, inside and outside flashing details, round stacks, pipe legs, pitch pots, conduit pipes, expansion joints, and more.

Download Product Data SheetDownload Safety Data Sheet

Mix Micro Fibers 1000 into coating using hand tools at a ratio of 20% – 50% by volume until desired thickness is achieved.


This product may be mixed with coating which contains flammable solvents, and is designed for professional installation. Caution should be exercised to prevent mishap due to improper handling. The use of an appropriate MESA/NIOSH approved respirator during application is important. We also recommend the use of fabric coveralls and neoprene or other resistant gloves. Installers should use caution during spray processes to avoid falls caused by slipping on wet primer. Installers should read and understand all technical and informational literature on this product, including the Material Safety Data Sheet, prior to using this product.

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