Walk Path Granules 1100

Walk Path Granules 1100 were designed to enhance the impact resistance of the roof surface and also provide a non-skid walking surface when embedded in Silicone Walk Path 415. Walk Path Granules 1100 were designed to provide highperformance UV resistance for outdoor applications. Only the most UV stable pigments have been incorporated into the product to maintain colorfastness.

  • Easy to apply
  • Enhances impact resistance
  • Highly durable

2-gal. pail


OSHA Yellow

Walk Path Granules 1100 can be integrated into Silicone Walk Path 415 to provide a non-skid walking surface, increase durability, and enhance impact resistance.

Download Product Data SheetDownload Safety Data Sheet

Immediately after the application of Silicone Walk Path 415, evenly broadcast the Walk Path Granules 1100 into the wet coating. The recommended application rate is as follows:


Walkway Areas: 25 mils (1.65gal/sq.) of Silicone Walk Path 415 with 40 lbs./sq. of Walk Path Granules 1100.

Impact Resistant Areas: 40 mils (2.65 gal/sq.) of Silicone Walk Path 415 with 60 lbs/sq. of Walk Path Granules 1100.


Walk Path Granules 1100 will settle into the Silicone Walk Path 415 coating. Apply the granules generously and, within a few minutes, inspect the surface and re-apply as needed to obtain a continuous film of granules.

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