Aromatic Urethane 520

Aromatic Urethane 520 is a high-solids, single-component, moisture-cure polyurethane elastomeric coating. Once cured this liquid applied moisture- curing polymer provides a durable, seamless, flexible, waterproof membrane that resists lateral movement, shear and will allow for normal expansion and contraction.

  • Extremely durable and resistant to dirt pick-up
  • Reduces daily expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of roofing substrate
  • Superior adhesive and cohesive strength
  • Excellent elongation and tensile strength
  • Superior UV protection and reflectivity

55-gallon drum, 5-gallon pail



Aromatic Urethane 520 was specifically developed as a protective coating for sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam roofing. With excellent adhesion, Aromatic Urethane 520 may also be used for protection of conventional commercial and industrial roofing surfaces such as: EPDM, single-ply membranes, wood, concrete, masonry, and most types of metal.

Download Product Data SheetDownload Safety Data Sheet
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Metal
  • Single-ply
  • Smooth BUR
  • SPF
Surface Prep:

All surfaces to be coated must be cleaned properly. Power washing is recommended. Any existing coating must be checked for good adhesion. Before application, any loosely adhered coating must be removed and bare surfaces must be prepared, cleaned and checked for compatibility.


Apply Aromatic Urethane 520 to clean, dry, sound surfaces free of loose particles or other foreign matter. Successive and/or top coats must be applied to the base or intermediate coat within 48 hours to ensure proper adhesion. If the results being obtained are less than desirable, suspend product application and contact our technical services personnel immediately.


Avoid moisture contamination in sealed containers. Store in a dry environment at temperatures between 40°F – 100°F. Keep away from heat, open flames, or sparks. Use only in well ventilated areas with proper protective equipment. Avoid breathing vapor or mist.

Aromatic Urethane 520 Spray Guide
  • Tank Spreader
  • Airless Sprayer
  • Roller
  • FM Approved
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Florida Product Approval

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