Concrete Roof Solutions

Concrete is perhaps one of the strongest and most durable materials available in the roofing industry. Unlike other conventional roofing materials, concrete roofs are capable of withstanding extreme winds and weather conditions that would normally devastate other traditional roofing systems. If properly installed and regularly serviced, a typical concrete roof system can last up to 50 years or more.

Though concrete roofs are incredibly sturdy, they are susceptible to moisture intrusion due to aging and other structural issues. Because concrete is a porous substance, it absorbs water. Over time the build-up of moisture and other contaminants leads to cracking, spalling, swelling, and overall degradation of the concrete material—which ultimately leads to roof leaks. If left untreated, these problems can eventually compromise the structural integrity of the roof deck and lead to premature system failure.

Fluid-applied roof restoration systems from American WeatherStar are a great solution to restore and protect existing flat and low-slope concrete roof surfaces. These high-performance systems are proven to provide unsurppased moisture and thermal protection while also improving energy efficiency.

Concrete Roof Restoration Benefits
  • Half the cost of a full roof replacement
  • 100% tax deductible the year of installation
  • Warrantied to withstand ponding water
  • Drastically reduces interior cooling costs
  • Seamless and fully-adhered
  • Sustainable, long-term warranty options
  • Minimal interruption to business
  • Superior UV stability and reflectivity

Fluid-Applied Restoration Solutions for Concrete Roofs

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