Modified Bitumen

A Modified Bitumen roof, commonly referred to as “modbit”  is a durable roofing membrane comprised of asphalt material with rubber modifiers added. The benefit to a mod bit roof is it’s overall durability. The drawback is replacement costs. The life cycle of a modbit is typically fifteen years. Near the end of its serviceable life the seams, and flashing detail around penetrations begin to be a problem and may be the reason for leaks in the building.  On a very positive note a mod bit roof is typically a very good candidate for a fluid applied restoration system.


We offer several solution options for restoring a cap sheet roof including our flagship fluid- applied roofing system Ure-A-Sil and a VOC compliant, 100% silicone system,  Envir-O-Sil.


Any one of these systems installed by an AWS Approved Contractor will offer:

Other AWS solutions include Spray Polyurethane Foam or a Single-Ply membrane overlay. The AWS durable single ply  membrane system may also be an option to go over an SPF roof.

Learn about your ultimate solutions to flat roof restoration:

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