Roofing contractor going through a System PowerPoint Presentation

We strive to give our contractors all the tools necessary to be successful. We offer an extensive amount of marketing materials for nearly all of our systems and products in an effort to help contractors provide the best possible solution to their customers. With that goal in mind, we are happy to announce the newest addition to our compilation of marketing tools: American WeatherStar System Presentations.

System Presentations are designed to help building owners and facility managers better understand the benefits of fluid-applied roof restoration. Many of them are not aware that roof restoration might be a perfectly suitable solution to their problems, not to mention it cost half as much as a full replacement. Furthermore, each presentation examines other important topics such as common problems, possible solutions, system benefits, application processes, warranty information, testimonials, and so much more.

Downloads links for the Ure-A-Sil and Met-A-Gard PowerPoints can be found below. Additionally, presentations for other American WeatherStar roof restoration systems will be available soon.

Download Ure-A-Sil PowerPointDownload Met-A-Gard PowerPoint