Annual Maintenance on a Commercial Roof Coating System is Critical

As roofing professionals, if we promote and educate our customers about regular maintenance, it would be beneficial to everyone involved. The average building owner only purchases a commercial roof a few times in his/her career. They seldom understand that you cannot simply install a new roof or coating system without having to maintain the warranted system. Many commercial […]

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Best Practices for Receiving a Shipment

When receiving a shipment, it is critical to ensure orders are received properly. We rely heavily on the LTL trucking industry to carry material from an American WeatherStar warehouse to your provided shipping address. All shipments require a Bill of Lading. The BOL is a legal document listing the contents of the order by number […]

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Installing a Silicone Recoat

Over the past 10 years, silicone roof coating systems have taken over the coatings industry. Over time, many roofs utilizing a silicone system are now in need of repair and a silicone recoat. Because of this, we see a great opportunity for our AWS approved contractors to repair and recoat these older silicone systems. In […]

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