The Challenges of Cold Weather Applications


So far, 2019 is really going well. While it is great to see contractors closing jobs this time of year, American WeatherStar wants to make sure we are doing our jobs in letting installers know the challenges they will face installing coatings in cold weather.

Water-based coatings are risky this time of year. Acrylic coatings, mastics, and primers are likely to freeze and therefore ruin if installed and the temperature freezes that night. Freezing is not the only issue. Cooler temps slow the dry time of water-based coatings dramatically. We have wash-offs this time of year because of slow drying and dew or rain causing problems days after coating are applied. Please keep your installers educated. Install these coatings at 50°F and rising.

Solvent-based coatings are the better option but also come with challenges. Urethane and silicones both thicken when the coating is stored in cold temps to the point they can be very difficult to spray or roll. The roof surface or air temperature is not nearly as important as the temperature of the coating. If the products can be stored at 70°F the product will spray or roll well, even on a roof that is currently at 35-40°F. Storing these products below 60°F can cause the material to thicken. American WeatherStar does not recommend installing below freezing temperatures because precipitation on the roof will not be as evident.

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