In this case study, we discuss restoring an aged firehouse roof using the Color-Gard Roof Restoration System.


Starting as an all-volunteer fire department in 1959 by the community members, this essential building needed some refreshing. The current roof was an aged, weathered metal roof installed twenty-five-plus years ago. 

For this job, aesthetics was a must. As a proud part of the community’s history, the aesthetics of the building were equally as important as the roof’s durability. After exploring options with the contractor, the government officials decided the American WeatherStar Color-Gard Roof Restoration System would be perfect for the job.

The American WeatherStar approved contractor began by giving the roof an in-depth cleaning. In addition, repairs such as reinforcing seams, fasteners, panels, etc., were tended to. Any coating job should start with roof prep as a roof coating system is only as good as the surface it is applied. 

The contractor then applied one coat of Color-Prime 915. This product is a high-quality, rust-inhibitive, water-based, low VOC primer specifically designed for coating applications. 915 provides an optimal surface for the application of fluoropolymer topcoats

To complete the Color-Gard roofing system, a top coat of High-Gloss Acrylic 215 is applied, providing a flexible, high-gloss architectural finish and producing a low-build protective membrane.

Sky view of Color gard roof restoration system applied on metal firehouse roof


After receiving the Color-Gard System, the roof has a highly-advanced coating system with a beautiful, high-build architectural finish. This system contributes to unsurpassed reflectivity and provides excellent weatherability, abrasion resistance, colorfastness, and resistance to dirt pick-up.

Want to know if the Color-Gard Roof Restoration System is right for your roof? To learn more, schedule your free roof inspection with an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor today.

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