The fortune is in the follow-up

The old saying “the fortune is in the follow-up” could not be more accurate for members of the roofing industry. Following up with potential customers can be one of the most important actions building owners take to grow their businesses. It will bring great results.

The Value of Following Up

One of the biggest reasons business owners and salesmen fail to follow-up is the busy schedules they keep. Unfortunately, that aspect of the roofing business is not likely to change. There is great value in realizing the many ways of following up with potential customers that don’t take much time or effort. Effective methods of follow-up include phone calls, email campaigns, business reply mail, hiring a virtual assistant for an autoresponder, or even simply sending a text message.

Stay In Touch

As roofing contractors and vendors in a service-based industry, it’s very important to follow-up with potential clients on any quotes or proposals. Some customers may be ready to begin a job immediately, while others may be trying to sort out their project and budget. Following up will let them know you’re interested in working on their roof. When the relationship is established, you will have the opportunity to close the job and potential repeat business, especially if they have more buildings and/or potential for a service contract.

Think Second Sale

Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement you can have. If your customers feel valued and experience something different with your company than they do with your competitors, they will share with other people. Finding new customers for your business is crucial; however, there is huge potential with a list of existing customers. Roof repairs and jobs that were completed years ago should always be followed up on. The relationship is established and the trust is there. Think second sale.

Generating Leads

Contractors across the country are utilizing our Business Development Center to help generate job leads and close deals. While it is imperative that contractors themselves also follow-up with potential customers, our account executives are dedicated to a follow-up process that works like a machine. Getting contractors in touch with the right contacts at the right time, and providing feedback to help the contractors efforts. With the structure and human touch we provide to our contractors’ follow-ups, customers have told us multiple times, we set our contractors apart from their competition.