Aged and weathered asphalt roof

In this case study, we discuss restoring an aged and weathered retail chains roof (asphalt, to be specific) using the Ure-A-Sil Roof Restoration System.


A national retail chain was moving into a vacant 100,000’ space in this Provo, Utah mall and one of their requirements was for the mall owner to install a watertight and energy-efficient roof system. The roof system was an aging asphalt built-up roof with an aluminum coating that had worn down to the point that the reinforcing felts were exposed. Approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of previous repairs had been completed using TPO membrane in some areas and silicone coatings in others. After exploring their options with the contractor, the mall developer decided the American WeatherStar Ure-A-Sil restoration system would meet the new tenants’ requirements and fit within the owner’s budget.


Since the area surrounding several of the internal roof drains was saturated, these areas were torn down to the steel deck and replaced with new insulation and modified bitumen membrane, sealed to the existing drains. Some low-lying cutout areas along the walls also had trapped moisture; therefore, these areas were removed and re-sloped before adding a new modified bitumen membrane.

Now that the needed repairs were complete, the restoration process was ready to begin. Two caveats on any excellent restoration are that the roof must be clean and dry so the roof was first pressure washed using EcoCleaner 925 to remove dirt, debris and any remaining loose aluminum coating. Once dry, all rooftop penetrations, including pipes, equipment curbs and drains were sealed using Urethane Brush-Grade 522, a high-solids, elastomeric sealant uniquely formulated to a thick consistency to bridge gaps for waterproofing situations.

Once all roof penetrations and problem areas were addressed, a base coat of Aromatic Urethane 520, known for its adhesion, strength, and durability, was applied. The Aromatic Urethane 520 also serves as a bleed-blocking primer over asphalt-based substrates. Followed by a top coat of High-Solids Silicone 412, the completed system forms a seamless, flexible, rubber-like membrane providing UV protection, reflectivity, weatherability and resistance to ponding water.

Once the problem areas and flashing details were addressed, a base coat of Aromatic Urethane 520 was applied.

Finally, the American WeatherStar Approved Contractor applied a top coat of High-Solids Silicone 412 to complete the project.

Commercial flat roof with silicone roof restoration


Once completed, the project was inspected by an independent third-party roof consultant. The new roof restoration qualified for a 20-year NDL (No Dollar Limit) manufacturer’s warranty covering materials, labor, and workmanship for less than half the price of a new roof, resulting in a delighted building owner now considering Ure-A-Sil restorations on other properties.

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