The best made plans depend on the best made materials.

We understand why you need the best materials to complement your design…your reputation is riding on your recommendations and only the best will do. We can assist you by providing systems that work, and connect you with quality contractors to insure proper system installation.


Energy efficient roofing solutions

You and your customers will be pleased with our fluid-applied roofing systems, designed to protect commercial metal roofs and flat roofs from harsh external elements. With cool roof technology, these roof restoration systems protect existing roofs from the damaging effects of wind, rain and exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Roof restoration systems prevent unnecessary tear-off of damaged roofs and are great for preventative maintenance.


Download the FAST PowerPoint (Archictects/Roof Consultants)

Can we help with custom specs for you roofing projects?

  • Roofing system and product catalogs
  • Editable application guideline documents
  • System brochures and marketing collateral for you and your customers
  • Our contractors across the nation are ready to help you choose the best option for your project

We offer you restoration systems for both flat and metal roofs:

Flat Roof Restoration


Metal Roof Restoration


LEED Certification Program & RCI Membership

LEED was created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to improve design principles by increasing overall energy efficiency through conservation and preservation. American WeatherStar’s Acrylic 211Acrylic 211 HT and Silicone 410 coatings meet LEED requirements. Learn more about Leed requirementsClick here to download a LEED SRI Calculation Form that may help you maintain proper LEED Certification design requirements.

The Roofing Consultants Institute, (RCI), Incorporated is an international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers who specialize in the specification and design of roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall systems.

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Provide your customers peace of mind with long-term warranty options

 Whether your roof is metal or flat, we have the ultimate solutions to repair your roof, extend its life expectancy & protect you from potential costly roofing failures. Installation is quick and easy, with no disruption to your business, residents or guests.

 Maintenance roof coatings are 100% tax deductible the year of installation and backed with powerful, long-term and extendable warranties.

View the following for each of our roofing systems:





Tell us how we can help you with a project

When you come to a point where you need competitive bids from approved contractors just let us know.  We will get you in touch with an American WeatherStar Platinum Contractor to offer a complete proposal with your scope of work.

We can also have an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor offer a free roof survey to determine if your roof is candidate for a fluid-applied system. If your roof is a candidate your Approved Contractor will offer a proposal for installing the system that best fits your needs.  If the roof is not a candidate they will let you know work with you to offer a replacement solution using our Single-Ply Systems. If Insulation is needed in your roof please ask about the Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System, Foam-Gard.

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