Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System

Met-A-Gard System

Premium Acrylic Roof Restoration System

The Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System is the preferred solution to restore and protect metal roof surfaces. With industry-leading elongation and tensile strength, the Met-A-Gard System sets the standard for quality, performance, and affordability in metal roof restoration.

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Met-A-Gard+ Roof Restoration System

Met-A-Gard+ System

High-Tensile Acrylic Roof Restoration System

The Met-A-Gard+ Roof Restoration System is the ultimate solution to restore and protect metal roofs. With exceptional elongation, tensile strength, and color retention, the Met-A-Gard+ System is recommended for use in extreme climate areas and projects requiring custom-color tints.

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Met-A-Sil Roof Restoration System

Met-A-Sil System

Premium Silicone Roof Restoration System

The Met-A-Sil Roof Restoration System is the best silicone solution for restoring commercial and industrial metal roofs. Utilizing advanced high-solids silicone roof coatings provides the Met-A-Sil System with superior UV protection, reflectivity, weatherability, and performance.

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Color-Gard Metal Roof Coating System

Color-Gard System

Architectural Metal Roof Coating System

The Color-Gard Architectural Roof Coating System combines our innovative KyGard Ultra 215 with high-quality acrylic roof coatings to provide metal roof surfaces with unsurpassed reflectivity, weatherability, abrasion-resistance, colorfastness, and resistance to dirt pick-up.

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Restoring a Rusty Metal Roof with Met-A-Sil

Properly restoring a rusty metal roof plagued by rust and corrosion requires a system with superior elemental protection and moisture resistance.

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