Terminator 622 Roof Sealant

Terminator 622

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The Benefits of Terminator 622 Roof Sealant

Applies Underwater

Terminator Roof Sealant is specially formulated to apply and cure to wet—even underwater—surfaces.

Stop Leaks Instantly

Don’t let roof leaks lead to bigger problems. Make on-the-spot repairs for your customers with the #1 roof leak repair sealant in the industry!

All-Weather Performance

Terminator 622 is specifically engineered to perform in the most extreme weather conditions.

Industry-Leading Adhesion

Use the roof sealant with industry-leading adhesion to virtually all conventional roofing membranes—even silicone-coated surfaces!

100% Solids Formulation

Get more done while using less material! Terminator’s high-solids formula provides better coverage and less shrinkage.

Environmentally Safe

Terminator 622 is a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and environmentally safe roofing sealant.

Fluid-Applied System Techniques

FAST Training Courses

FAST (Fluid-Applied System Techniques) training courses provide roofing professionals with a complete and comprehensive overview of the roof restoration industry.

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