Tax & Energy Savings

Expensing a Fluid-Applied Roof Restoration System

Roof coating applications are viewed by the IRS as a maintenance and repair item (comparable to “painting the building”) and thus are not considered a new roof or roof replacement. The owner of the building may expense the project in its entirety the year of the application.  Obviously, we recommend consulting your CPA for advice on this.

Tax Deduction via 179D

If your company does not expense a coating system in the first year of application, it can receive up to $0.60/sf tax credit based on total project when you can show a reduction in energy of 10% or greater. The customer will need an energy calculation and a compliance statement for their file. We work closely with Walker Reid Engineering Firm. Click here for more information on working with the 179D.

Energy Savings

Roof coatings play a significant role in enhancing energy savings by mitigating heat gain and loss in buildings. These coatings are designed to reflect a substantial portion of solar radiation, reducing the heat absorbed by the roof surface. This effect is particularly beneficial in warmer climates or during the hot summer months.

Coating a roof with a reflective coating reflects a larger portion of the sun’s rays, preventing them from penetrating the building and increasing interior temperatures. Reducing heat transfer into the building decreases the need for air conditioning and cooling systems, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced electricity costs.

Additionally, roof coatings can also enhance energy savings during colder months. Certain coatings possess insulating properties that help retain heat within the building. This insulation effect prevents heat from escaping through the roof, reducing the reliance on heating systems and preserving warmth indoors.

Utility Rebates

Depending on location, many utility companies may offer a rebate for roof coating projects of up to $0.50/sq. ft., based on the project size. The customer may also receive a rebate based on dollars per kilowatt reduction. To qualify, an application with pre-job and post-job inspections are normally required.

Cool Roof Savings

A cool roof can save a building owner in many ways throughout the life cycle of the system, especially if the building is located in a warm climate. Click here for more information on cool roof benefits.

Sustainable Building Design

With our sustainable building “reuse”, there is normally no tear-off required prior to application. The tear-off cost ($1.00/sq. ft. average) and the cost of moving tear-off to a landfill (approx $0.30/sq. ft.) are eliminated.

We also offer a wide variety of sustainable and renewable warranty options.  These systems, when properly maintained, can be recoated at the end of the warranty term and a new warranty can be issued. Click here to learn more about our StarGard Warranty Program.

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